12th September 2019


Scientific work published in academic journals by the RESPONDER team:

In the pipeline (submitted, in revision, or in press):

Cook, S.J., Christoffersen, P. & Todd, J. (accepted) A fully-coupled 3D model of a large Greenlandic outlet glacier with evolving subglacial hydrology, frontal plume melting and calving. Journal of Glaciology. eartharxiv.org (preprint).

Doyle,  S. H., Hubbard, B., Christoersen, P., Law, R., Hewitt, D. R. Neufeld, J. A., Schoonman, C. M., Chudley, T. R. & Bougamont, M. (in revision). Water flow through sediments and at the ice-sediment interface beneath Sermeq Kujalleq (Store Glacier). Journal of Glaciology. eartharxiv.org (preprint).

Young, T. J., Christoffersen, P., Bougamont, M., Tulaczyk, S., Hubbard, B., Mankoff, M. D., Nicholls, K. & Stewart, C. L. (in review). Rapid basal melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet by surface meltwater drainage.


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