Opportunities to join the RESPONDER team

We are looking for multiple new team members to join the RESPONDER team in 2018. The first is a research associate in glacier geophysics, who will be responsible for designing and executing experiments with networks of broadband seismometers placed around, and potentially within, boreholes drilled to the base of the Greenland Ice Sheet. The position[…]

Interview with BlueSci

RESPONDER PhD student Tom Chudley recently spoke to the Cambridge University science magazine, BlueSci, about the 2017 fieldwork season, drones, and the Uummannaq expedition currently showing at the Polar Museum, Cambridge. You can find the article at the end of the link!

RESPONDER on show at the Polar Museum

Our research is currently on display at the Polar Museum, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, in the new temporary exhibit: Uummannaq: A Century of Exploration Wednesday 27 September – Friday 22 December 2017 | Monday – Saturday 10 am – 4 pm This exhibition shows photographs taken on an expedition of Swiss explorer and meteorologist Alfred de Quervain[…]

RESPONDER Fieldwork Season 2017 #3

The team is back in Uummannaq! Everyone has had a warm shower, the first in a month. This marks the end of the first field season of RESPONDER. The team has worked well and produced an extensive calving record that spans spatial scales, ranging from numerous small calving events, which last only a few minutes,[…]

RESPONDER Fieldwork Season 2017 #2

Tom, Sean, Sam, TJ and Poul have set up a second base camp: this time on Store Glacier itself. They are surveying the terrain that encompasses the FAST FLOW site where we plan to drill boreholes and access the bed next year. It’s colder than usual this year, but there is nevertheless a lot of[…]

RESPONDER Fieldwork Season 2017

RESPONDER fieldwork season one is now up and running! The team of eight in this year’s field programme comprises Sam Doyle, Antonio Abellan, Tun Jan “TJ” Young, Samuel Cook, Tom Chudley, Sean Peters (U. Stanford), Martin Truffer (UAF, Fairbanks) and Poul Christoffersen. The team flew into the field using the Bell 212 helicopter operated by[…]

Welcome to RESPONDER

Hi! We’re the team behind RESPONDER — a European Research Council funded project to investigate changes happening at the base of the Greenland Ice Sheet. We’re a group of academics, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD students based at the University of Cambridge and Aberystwyth University. We’ll be populating this site with more blogs and news in[…]